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Back to basics

During these days, when Facebook gets stuffed with rubbish media products and lousy debates that head to nowhere where both sides in such quarrel even do not know exactly what they are debating for , another trend that comes after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and captures my attention out of these aforementioned rubbish is Book Bucket Challenge. 595 more words

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Principles to Practice in a Harsh Reality

Trust no one. Trust nothing especially if it is uncertain. Prepare yourself to face the worst and most heartbreaking lie. Nobody can reciprocate the attention and effort you gave to them. 27 more words

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On Possibilities and Other Endlessness

You see, destiny thrives in the concept of fatalism, and fatalism simply cannot exist in a universe of endless possibilities. This world is consist of infinite numbers of doors that leads to different gardens and graveyards, and whatever door a person chooses, it’s not destiny — it’s choice. 35 more words

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Not in Kansas Anymore

We made it! Mitch and I traveled for about 40 hours door-to-door, but we made it to Malaysia and so did our luggage! I ignored the flight attendant’s request to “stow all electronic devices” during landing and took a few pictures to document my first glimpse of my new home. 748 more words


Come Home

Come home, not literally but figuratively
Here where our hidden smirks belong
Here where you hesitantly reach for my hand
Here where you rest your head… 70 more words

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

On Thursday, Mitch and I will begin our adventure to Malaysia. Never in a million years did I think I’d be heading there, of all places. 226 more words


You Are Whole.

Hi buddies,

So, a little while ago, I went out with a friend of mine who seems to be permanently attached to the hip of her boyfriend. 568 more words