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From SPACE.com: "Tiny 'Nanoflares' May Solve Sun Mystery"


August 13, 2014
Jesse Emspak

Small “nanoflares” erupting from the sun might be the key to unlocking a cosmic mystery, according to a new study. 600 more words

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Solar Storms Threaten Global Nuclear Nightmare

Nuclear Reactors Worldwide Are At Risk From A Solar Super Storm That Could Disable Cooling Systems And Emergency Back-Ups Causing Meltdowns And Explosions

Our planet came within a whisker of disaster two years ago.

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Korean astrophotographer O Chul Kwon captured this amazing aurora borealis in Northern Canada

This amazing aurora light show was snapped near the town of Yellowknife, known as one of the world’s finest Northern Lights watching destinations.


5 reasons to look at the night sky (not just when it's a 'supermoon')

TORONTO – This weekend the word “supermoon” was bandied about once again, just a month after the last so-called special moon event.

While it’s great that people are looking up at the night sky, the truth is, the difference between a supermoon and a regular moon isn’t easy enough for you and I to pick out. 866 more words



Scampi: Did you know this, Peter?  Apparently there’s no such thing as a grain.

Peter: Oh?

Scampi:  Yeah.  According to Doctor something.

Peter: If there’s no such thing as a grain, how can you have multigrain bread? 285 more words