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Taxation Lesson for a Liberal's Point of View

With many corporations merging with or buying out foreign corporations and then taking on the identity of that foreign corporation to lower their tax burden, the liberal point of view is to tax them anyway at the same or higher rate than when they were an American Corporation. 962 more words


Theory of Suicide: Emile Durkheim : A Critical Review

Born in Epinal, Eastern French province of Lorraine, on April 15, 1858, Emile David Durkheim went on to become one of the first French academic sociologist. 2,266 more words

Healing Our Caged Children

They’re labeled as thugs, treated like throwaways, and classified by some as “superpredators”: teenage boys and girls who seek sanctuary in gangs, commit violent crimes, and end up in the criminal justice system. 1,141 more words

Mindfulness Meditation

The Drugs Don't Work: Coming Off Psychiatric Meds

It’s been about two years, now, since I was hauled into the top tier of psychiatric ‘care’ in my county after being assaulted at home and my assailant misleading the police about it. 2,817 more words


Madam Foreman: A Rush to Judgment?

In the words of jury foreman Armanda Cooley, jurors Marsha Rubin-Jackson and Carrie Bess, and a cast of five other former jurors are the answers to the questions that the nation has been asking since the controversial verdict that freed O.J. 10 more words