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A Shot in the Dark - The Perils of Sharing Vaccine Science

One of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles is simply titled “List of common misconceptions.” The contents range from the invention of baseball (Alexander Cartwright… 678 more words

Science In Society

Mental illness as a form of deviance

I recently decided to spruce up my blog and biography. Having thought long and hard about how to summarise my professional interests, I settled upon the following statement: 520 more words


Labor Day

Is it just another holiday or a day in which we should realize the capitalistic oppression the bourgeoisie has placed upon society?





Natural Selection against Europeans: Why the Silence?

Natural Selection against Europeans: Why the Silence?

Kevin MacDonald

At his blog West Hunter, Greg Cochran writes 

Natural selection is not an odd, unusual, poorly understood phenomenon like ball lighting.

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Frosh's Feelings

I recently read Stephen Frosh’s (2011) book Feelings and was somewhat disappointed. It seems to me that Frosh isn’t really talking about feelings as such – he concentrates his discussions on Western emotion categories (e.g. 288 more words