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What We See When We Reading: Quick, Pretty, and Vacuous

Peter Mendelsund’s “What We See When We Read” might almost be useful to those just coming to the idea of immersive, experiential reading, analytical reading, especially non-fiction, does not figure into this work, but for those who’ve been following, or studying, the phenomenon of non-critical reading this will be a tedious read. 189 more words


Why Scientists Should Celebrate Failed Experiments

Reporters hate facts that are too good to check—as the phrase in the industry goes. The too-good-to-check fact is the funny or ironic or otherwise delicious detail that just ignites a story and that, if it turns out not to be true, would leave the whole narrative poorer for its absence. 638 more words

Fairness Conference 2013

Middlesex experts debated the issue of ‘fairness’

21-23 May 2013

18 April 2013

Talented thinkers, researchers and academics from across disciplines at Middlesex joined keynote speakers including John Redwood MP, Bianca Jagger and honorary Middlesex graduate Will Hutton to debate and discuss the topic of fairness on the 21st May 2013.. 128 more words

Middlesex University London

"Psychiatry isn't a real branch of medicine" says Ryan the premed who is hooked on Ritalin

From The Premed Diaries:

An unfortunate fact of being a premed student is that we are required to take electives in the humanities and social sciences.

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Police brutality is more than a single rotten apple spoiling the barrel

The shock of seeing police being violent suprised me when I first got involved in student politics.

I never knew of police brutality before then, which unfortunately speaks volumes of my racial identity. 322 more words


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Check out this hard hitting and sincerely honest post from Nintier. Do you agree that police brutality is systemic? Weigh in, and either way watch the video she's attached. It's priceless.

What I've Been Reading and Watching

Last week I failed a friend who asked for a book recommendation. Another friend came to our aid by suggesting The Boys in the Boat… 556 more words


The other side of Global Warming

Anyone who can think for themselves will realize that there are at least, and I mean, AT LEAST, two sides to any given argument. That’s why it’s important to consider these 7 links. 169 more words