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Here is the link to the first official sneak peak of THE KIDS: Web Series! Go ahead, give the page a like while you’re there! 46 more words


Think you can't make money out of Instagram? You're wrong.

Instagram – the online fashion Mecca. According to analytics and marketing platform Curalate, social media users interact with brands on Instagram 58 times more than they do on Facebook, and a staggering 120 times more than on Twitter. 209 more words

Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Make Your Business Bloom (Part two)

  1. A Facebook page is not a compulsion.

So you want to join the herds of people who are using Facebook as a marketing tool and you assume right away that you must have a Facebook page to start advertising, I must stop you right there. 379 more words

Social Media

Doing business on Twitter? Here are 5 average tips that might help, maybe.

I’ve been dabbling recently in trying to create new business through Twitter.

I’m on Twitter a lot, so it seemed like a good idea to use it for something productive rather than just to tell people about my dad’s latest Scrabble joke (in case you’re wondering: ‘I’ve got three “N”s – but they still haven’t laid any eggs!’). 720 more words


Social Media Versus Social Business

Some confusion seems to remain within businesses about the difference between employing social media for marketing, awareness and outreach, and developing a business-wide social strategy that includes the adoption of collaboration and social tools internally. 28 more words

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The Best Of Us {PSA}

As I scroll through my bloglovin feed, through my facebook newsfeed, through pinterest, and even, at times, through my own blog, I think “this is all so pretty and happy — why don’t I feel like that right now?” or “I want all these pretty things in my house and then I will be SO HAPPY!” or “That one random chick from high school looks so happy and her life must be so perfect!” or anything along those lines, and when I catch myself, I think, “Seriously, Meghan?” 365 more words

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friday links

So I’m thinking about doing this on Fridays for now. We’ll see how it goes! Most of these links are recent history, some a little older, but things I wanted to share anyway. 391 more words

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