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The Rule of the Bone, by Russell Banks *****

Books by Banks never disappoint. His writing is as harsh and beautiful as a New England winter. Rule of the Bone speaks with a social conscience that cannot be ignored or denied. 634 more words

Social Justice

The truth about voter fraud truthers

This post is a response to Ron Christie’s recent article, “Hey Eric Holder: Voter ID Isn’t Stuck in 1965.”

The truth about voter fraud truthers… 83 more words

Daybreak in Alabama: The Poem

When I get to be a composer

I’m gonna write me some music about

Daybreak in Alabama

And I’m gonna put the purtiest songs in it… 122 more words

Social Justice

On the Ethics of Citing Your Work (and Reading Recommendations)

Academia is weird. On the one hand, you’re taught to cite every. single. thing. You are constantly citing the thinkers and theorists and researchers who went before you. 1,338 more words

What's The Literature Say?

Tired of Inaction

WARNING: I am coming down from a manic episode and have not organized my thoughts yet. This blog is all over the place, so skip to the end for the TL;DR please. 910 more words


My Nail Polish? It's called 'Anti-Rape Red'


When I was little, I used to watch this show called ‘Totally Spies’.
In a nutshell, it was cartoon copy of ‘Charlie’s Angels’; three girls, kicking ass, with a generic male voice to answer to. 753 more words