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Police and their Tasers...Enough is Enough!

In 1993, TASER International’s founders, brothers Rick and Tom Smith, developed devices that use “proprietary technology to incapacitate dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects who pose a risk to law enforcement officers, innocent citizens, or themselves in a manner that is generally recognized as a safer alternative to other uses of force.” The website claims that the TASER technology “saves lives every day, and the use of TASER devices dramatically reduces injury rates for police officers and suspects.” 540 more words

No Drama Obama’s Summer Casual Agenda for America (or What He Didn’t Do On My Summer Vacation)

From Governor Palin:

There is absolutely nothing important going on in the world right now.

There are no security threats, no worldwide turmoil affecting America’s interests, no civil war in Syria, South Sudan, or Libya.

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Sarah Palin

I have found my limit

I am – as I have written about before – someone who enjoys and celebrates the diversity of Christianity.  I actively seek out dialogue across difference, and when I get the chance to listen to and learn from Christians who hold different opinions than mine, I’m glad to have the chance to broaden my understanding by learning from them. 562 more words

The Church

Memories Fading Out

Memories are, fading out, like you know, at the end of the movies, when the screens turned to black?  Yeah, it’s like that!  Memories fading out, I can’t hold on to them any longer, they just slipped through my mind, and I’m remembering less and less by the day, on some mornings, when I woke, I’d gazed into that mirror, and saw an unknown stranger staring back at me, and I’d screamed, because I thought there was an intruder into my house! 127 more words