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The Problem With "White Privilege"

Charles Blow, a race crusader for the New York Times, recently embarrassed himself by penning a sad editorial in an attempt to prove the existence of “white privilege.” Unfortunately, his piece misses the mark. 530 more words


Letter: PM misses the point

Re: Harper kicks off northern tour with peek at election strategy, Aug. 22.

Yes, of course, any individual murder is a crime, and hopefully efficiently solved by police — not the point at all. 76 more words


The truth often hurts!!

An Australian doctor, David Berger recently published a scathing report on the state of affairs of medical practice in India, in a highly reputed journal (British Medical Journal). 645 more words

Social Issue

Riot For Nothing(3): Unfair

We are practicing Utilitarianism.What is Utilitarianism?It is maximizing the interest,let much more people to get welfare.Sound good?NO!!

Don’t forget the small amount of people,they will sacrifice themselves to satisfy the large amount of people.So that makes unfair. 123 more words


Getting off with a Tap on the Wrist

An infuriating concept to me is the continuous violent protest action during which public and private property alike are being vandalized.  While I strong support the freedom of speech and expression, I distaste this growing habit of protesters smashing, crashing and trashing to their hearts content with no repercussions.  773 more words


Riot For Nothing(2):What we are aruging

“We need job!We need better retirement!We need what!!we need more!”Lots of voice-makers said that,helps us to say.However,people are never be enough if the government keeps offering us. 162 more words