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Strategy 4: Drinking Tea

Yummy! Tea. Everyone always talks about how great tea is but to be honest, the only tea I’ve ever had was iced tea. So, I decided to make tea this week’s anxiety coping strategy because I start school in a little less than two weeks, and my anxiety is starting to get a little more frequent and more severe. 555 more words


Strategy 3: Writing

This update is a couple of days late, so I apologize! I recently got my learner’s permit and I went applying for jobs yesterday. ┬áSince I got my permit, I’ve been going out to parking lots with my dad and trying to drive. 409 more words


Back in the land of clouds and rain

I enjoyed the holiday (aside from 2 of my siblings annoying me so much that I almost wanted to strangle them with their own intestines by the end of it) and the sunshine, but I still found my social anxiety weighing me down a lot. 1,286 more words

Social Anxiety

Tuesday, Wednesday and an Angry Doctor on Friday

God, it gets difficult coming up with titles after a while. I think I might have to start putting some puns in them to keep me entertained. 1,204 more words

Mental Health


I am having a shitty morning. I can see my hands shaking and I feel all of my internal organs doing the dougie. There’s absolutely no reason other than that’s just the state of my body right now. 157 more words

Mental Disorder

I'm gonna start writing

I love the isolation and I hate it. As a sufferer of social anxiety, my tendency is to choose solitary activities. I go for walks, take photographs, make drawings, spend time with my cat. 302 more words

Mental Disorder


Ali I am sitting here at the hospital waiting for my appt and it’s already gone an hour over. They are really behind. I am lucky my husband is here to keep me distracted or else I would be going postal. 66 more words