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My goal today is to stay sober.

You know its funny, the more I say I am going to blog more the less I do. I guess a part of that is everyday I add to my sobriety is a day that opportunities present themselves in my life. 258 more words


You Never, Never Know....

Yesterday reminded me that I never, never know what to expect out of a day. To simply do the next right thing and wonderful things happen. 287 more words

12 Step Program

Searching and Fearless Inventory

“Made A Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves” Alcoholics Anonymous, Step Four

The Fourth Step of the Twelve Step Program is often seen as one of the most difficult tasks in recovery.  

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Although I worked through the weekend, I had today off and got to spend time with my boyfriend for a much needed mini staycation. Aside from being in a complete food coma (pictures to follow) the weekend was magical so naturally, I was met with a brief feeling of impending doom! 74 more words


it's one of those days

nothing monumental happened, but i don’t feel good.

I feel lonely, anxious, and really nervous for my birthday on wednesday. it’s my first birthday sober in 5 years. 351 more words

Three Year Short Story

About 3 years ago, I decided to become a Vegan.  My cholesterol was high and I cannot take Statins due to muscle pain. I was also horrified at how animals are treated and slaughtered at factory farms so this was my way of protesting the practices.  497 more words


Constant Growth

Not really sure what has transpired from then to now

It was the simple things I noticed first

Emotions we’re coming out of the wood work… 99 more words