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More snow on Hualalai, 1862.

Great Snow.—Z. P. Kumukula of Waimea, Hawaii wrote about the great amount of snow on Mauna Kea and Hualalai on the 15th of Feb. Two-thirds of the mountain was covered with snow. 18 more words


The Snow...An Australian Story.

Before I launch into a grand account of our ski trip, I thought I’d better introduce my overseas guests to what we Australians call (please pause and wait for the drum roll)… 2,107 more words


Snow... up in the Waianae mountains? 1862.

The Weather.

This unfailing topic of general conversation has suffered no diminution of late. Thunder, lighting, rain and hail, and even snow, according to some, have prevailed in quantities and duration beyond the memory of the “oldest inhabitant.” On Friday night, the 14th inst., hail fell in Koolauloa on this island, and we are told, in quantities to be scooped up by the hands, and people crossing the Waianae mountains that night report that snow fell thick on the mountain peaks. 267 more words

English Newspaper


It is getting to be late summer here in Montana – and probably lots of other places too.  Hollyhocks are always a good sign that August is well on its way to being over. 127 more words


Pilgrimage 2014: final equipment check

Coleman waterproof matches, Kopplin’s compass whistle and thermometer, vapur collapsible water bottle, 4 in 1 keychain screwdriver tool with led non working flashlight, three working flashlights, julbo glacier glasses, one size fits all rain poncho durable hooded, reusable. 162 more words

Camp Muir

Pilgrimage 2014: Complicated Simplicity

Day 2 finds me sitting in the 18 x 36 ft ice cream parlor, gourmet coffee bar, breakfast cafe, Whitaker bunkhouse lobby and museum dedicated to all things climbing. 795 more words

Camp Muir

Backcountry Trip: Under the Rim Trail in Bryce Canyon, Utah

By the Numbers:
0 feet lowest elevation
9,115 feet highest elevation
22.1 Miles
14 degrees Farenheit
2 days

Trip Rating 7/10

The start of the trail was half covered in snow, dirt peeking out amongst the white, like speckles on an earthen eggshell.   450 more words