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That one moment where I go into fangirl mode for one of my favorite anime/manga title

I was searching for images and then I remembered sweet classic title which is one of my favorites. Mostly, this image is my favorite one! My dream is to resize it to a A1 size and hang it on my room! 8 more words


Another Snapshotograph?

For those whom believe a Snapshotograph is a background shot without a subject. What the hell they are talking about I don’t know. No it is not. 11 more words

Beatnik Art

Weekend in Photos

What in the world happened to August?  July flew by.  August began and, in the blink of an eye, is gone.

Hello September!

With today’s Labor Day holiday, we’ve enjoyed a nice, quiet, extended weekend. 81 more words


Snapshot: September 1 2014

Snapshot: September 1 2014

I generally run this information through eReaderIQ.com (it’s just easier than Amazon), and there are some vagaries in the searches (both there and on Amazon). 2,845 more words


Day Trip to the "Big City"- Gangneung

My weekend was a little lonely because I haven’t had much time to make friends yet!  So I spent a weekend in solitude, which actually probably helped rejuvenate me from the stress of transition to Korea. 432 more words


Snapshots of Little Cayman Part 3

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat. Another sea treasure for my collection.


September goals

○ Keep eating healthy.

○ Catch up on all my creative projects.

○ Go out for Birthday dinner and drinks.

○ Laugh more.

○ Learn a few new yoga poses. 28 more words