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August 21 (Dalek Day 233/365)

With their evil plans not getting off the ground, the Daleks wondered if things might be different if they did a better job with their financial reckoning.   75 more words


August 19 (Dalek Day 231/365)

The Daleks were looking at one of the larger books that we have at home.

“I actually thought this book was fatter than this,” the bronze Dalek observed. 25 more words


August 18 (Dalek Day 230/365)

The Daleks decided to try their hand at cooking, but were confused by one the instructions in the recipe.

“The recipe says to separate the eggs — but it doesn’t say how far apart you are supposed to keep them!” 20 more words


Lined Up and Ready to Jump In

The kayaks sat on the bank peacefully, overturned, their startling color vivid in a moonlight that bathed everything else in graduated shades of blue. They looked ready to jump into the… 106 more words

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Always On the Outside, Looking In?

He (she?) is there most nights, performing a circular dance on the frosted glass of the front door, attracted by the light inside but always on the outside, a tiny  82 more words

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August 14 (Dalek Day 226/365)

They say that Nature abhors a vacuum — and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Daleks aren’t particularly keen on them either! 19 more words


July 27 (Dalek Day 208/365)

The Daleks were rather startled today.  As one of them explained, “We were just standing around, minding our business, when BAM!!  That suddenly pops up out of the blue.” 21 more words