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24 hours

Friday August 29, 2014

7:30-7:45- Checked email, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat

8:58-9:00- Checked text messages, responded to texts, and checked email again

9:05-¬†Used Siri to ask what raking light is… 101 more words


adrinila 2.0

I like to be in the 2.0 world and find new people and have fun, so if u want to follow me u could search my user name: ” adrinila ” in all my social networks, like: twitter, tumblr, instagram, WordPress, Flickr, Pinterest, soundtracking, google+, Polyvore, Vine, Snapchat, LinkedIn.



The Trouble With Storing Your Private Information On A Server Like iCloud

By now, we have all heard of (and maybe even seen) the recent leaked of photos of various celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence. These photos have made their way all throughout the internet for all to see. 578 more words

Social Media Ruins Relationships

Not going to lie this blog will be a little bit of a venting one for me. I’ve noticed in myself these past few month how insecure I am in a relationship (which is sad because this “relationship” was never declared as a “relationship” it was called just “hanging out”). 460 more words

Social Media

I’m a pretty big social media junkie.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Google+ (not that I use it) and BlackBerry Messenger – can it still be called that since it’s available on Android, how I use it? 260 more words

Blog Post


The idea of being disconnected is usually viewed as a bad thing. For instance if your car battery becomes disconnected then you are in for a bad day! 309 more words


Attention hoe

One of my friends is snap chatting in a bra… And someone told her she had nice boobs and she got angry.. Case how dare they be looking at her boobs while she’s only in a bra! 56 more words