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Small Town Blues...

So I’ve lived on the eastern shore of Maryland my whole life, pretty much. Part of me loves being on the Chesapeake Bay, eating steamed blue crabs in the summer, homemade deer jerky in the winter, and knowing everyone and their family three generations in… But there are a few cons to the Shore life! 589 more words


Small Town Living

Oh the joys of living in a small town. Ok so I don’t have the big department stores like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond (cries a little), or even a variety of restaurants. 201 more words

Life At Home

Dear Local, Small-Town Pharmacy:

Why do you hate me?

I thought we had a pretty good thing going.

Clearly you thought differently.

I’ll admit, maybe I didn’t stop in and use your services as often as you would have liked. 244 more words


Surviving Waipio Valley

As a young boy growing up on the Canadian Shield, hiking with friends through cathedral-like forests, over swift rivers or high on moss covered granite was discovery at it’s best. 803 more words

Big Island

Glorious Mountain Time...

So. This is what beautiful means. Another kind of beautiful. A not enough oxygen for the Every-Day-Joe kind of beautiful. A Travel-Here-At-Your-Own-Risk kind of beautiful. 1,272 more words


Big Al's...then and now

Big Al’s in St. Michaels closed its doors for good a few months ago, but it wasn’t until the building was completely demolished that most of us realized the loss that created in our little town. 583 more words


Woes of a small town

I’ve lived in the same small town for over 20 years.  “Oh do you know so and so?” Oh yes I do.  “Hey mom meet my new friend____.”  Crap, I didn’t like her mom in high school so no lets not go there.   202 more words