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[Interview] Red Velvet reveals life as an SM trainee. Difficult to meet seniors

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,006, -259] My personal opinion but I don’t think they’ll be all that popular

2. [+982, -448] Goosebumps;; they’re like quadruplets. 184 more words



I wrote Daddy this email yesterday to talk about jenny (my inner child). We haven’t explored her or age play much but after writing this email to Daddy he was really sweet and told me that he loved that I opened up to him and he’s excited about exploring this more. 1,408 more words

SM Weekly Audition ~ Руби Style

Начнем с того, что я вообще не планировала идти ни на какие прослушивания. Ну а что мне там делать? Я пока еще в своем уме. Во-первых, мне вообще на фиг не сдалась айдольская жизнь. 28 more words


After the flogging.....

I reblogged this on Surrendered Heart, and it isn’t allowing me to reblog here as a result… so I’ll post the link instead.. The perfect and may I say, mandatory, follow up to play? 7 more words


Flogger fit for a babygirl

Here is my other flogger:

While the little one stings, this one thuds….

Yeah, of course I’d buy a flogger made of hearts!!!


Still reasonably priced.



A sweet little flogger...

I posted this once on my old blog, but posting again for those of you looking for a great deal on a flogger.

This is a small sized flogger, but it is really quite effective. 74 more words


TTT Episode 025: Fifty Shades of Grey


Let’s talk about sex, baby! Let’s talk about you and me! Yup, you guessed it. Episode 25 is all about religion… Jokes! Daniel and Elisha tackle the… 84 more words