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Odejdź od śmietnika, czyli dlaczego nie powinieneś czytać tego bloga

- Będzie pan musiał załatwić sobie automat przetwarzający mowę na tekst, bo prędzej czy później przestanie pan pisać – powiedział fizjoterapeuta, gdy usłyszał, że jestem dziennikarzem chorym na stwardnienie rozsiane. 355 more words


Putting myself in their mouths

I often jerk off to videos of women being ravaged or mouth fucked and place myself as the subordinate more than being the man. Masochistic tendencies flip flapping in ruminating brain. 58 more words

Syndicating Content

I recently had the pleasure of writing Sharing Your Content Through Syndication with my friend and mentor, Diane Lofgren. It was published on PR News earlier this month. 77 more words

Public Relations

Audio description: movies for those who can't see and hear

I closed my eyes, thinking it will give me an idea how a blind person can enjoy watching a movie. A few seconds into the attempt, I wanted to knock myself in the head for even trying. 201 more words

What's Going On?

Happiness by Red Velvet

I have to say, I was really disappointed. Although the video was bright and catchy, the song just wasn’t good for me. It didn’t really show of the girls’ vocals. 337 more words


Pann: If Red Velvet is getting SM benefits then Winner is also getting YG benefits


1. [+133, -25] Totally agreed. Red Velvet got so much hate just because they were nominated winning #1 but Winner didn’t get any hate when they even won #1 in just five days after debut. 314 more words


SM rep leaks f(x) info

Someone who sourced themselves as an SM rep wrote on f(x)’s DC Gallery a few upcoming ‘rumors’ about the girls. The post has been deleted and only caps are going around. 152 more words