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Slowly, then suddenly

That’s how sustainable success happens. Slowly, drip drip drip, almost painfully slowly at times.


Then suddenly. As if to make you suspect you don’t even deserve it. 19 more words

Joe Bonamassa - Stop!

Cover of a Sam Brown song. So very few things are exactly as they should be — but this is. Doesn’t get any better.


Ark Life - You're with me

From Colorado Public Television. Thank you!


Slow music is kinda, sorta, maybe getting old

The more music I listen too which has been composed within the last 100 years, the more I realise a lot of it is all slow and very indulgent… Not ALL of it is, obviously, and a lot of notable works may be slow or they may be fast…. 262 more words


Some Truths about Hong Kong

So I have been in Hong Kong for almost two months now, and there’re a few things I’ve learned since I live here. 492 more words



I was awake, the knocking was now even more persistent. I checked the time, it was a little after 3am. I could hear the knocking get louder as I neared the front door. 895 more words