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In Retrospect: While You Were Sleeping is THE Best Stalker-Rom-Com of All Time

Let me have Netflix introduce this movie to y’all: “Sandra Bullock plays a transit worker who rescues a handsome commuter, then pretends to be the comatose man’s fiancée while falling for his brother”. 2,476 more words


Disney Dragons

I Love Dragons, and lots of People do.  Disney has quite a collection of them, I wish more, some frightening and powerful, others humorous and friendly, this picture by rleeny showcases Maleficent, the Hydra and Madam Mim. 11 more words


Maleficent: The Hero and The Villain are One and The Same

Here’s the long-awaited episode of Hollywood’s leading ladies made evil. “Maleficent”—an interestingly twisted story of Maleficent, the evil witch without whom the tale Sleeping Beauty simply would never be heard of. 1,331 more words


Fairytale Twisted: Sleeping Beauty's Kiss

Why question the world, whether it’s real
let dragons exist, breathing fire
and fairies float like gypsies unhinged
there yet may be a miracle indeed… 89 more words


A princess of my own

This evening my girlfriend and I got around to seeing Maleficent in the theater. It was certainly an excellent film. I got something of a third wave coming-of-age vibe. 613 more words

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

Seeing as I had never been to California until college and I didn’t move there and visit Disneyland for the first time until my early 20s, I could hardly claim to be an expert on Disneyland, especially seeing as I could hardly afford to go when I did live in California. 243 more words