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The Chase

chasing my thoughts
as they swirl through my head
I try to capture them
but they sift through my fingers
their engorged promise
eludes me… 42 more words


Any nurses looking to Thrive?????

My name is Ruth Kimani RN, and this is my Thrive experience.

I’m from Lubbock Texas. I’m a wife and mother of three children, Willy 15, Rebecca 10 and Jeanette 3 years old. 384 more words


Sleep [11/365]

Cotton, cool and crisp;
waiting for my presence -
I will warm the fibres and
create chaos where order
used to be.

Eyes closed, my mind slows; 11 more words


Sleep Deprivation - Tortured Delirium or Creative Genius?

I’ve always been a great sleeper. I love sleep. I sleep well. I sleep long.

Correction: Slept.

Lately, August has been enjoying his “babies being babies” status by waking every two hours overnight to feed. 690 more words


me and september 02. 2014

he rolls over on the couch and the blanket falls to the floor and he is sweating – still shaking from the nightmares and the heaviness of lonely on his chest. 421 more words


Sleep training & the breastfeeding mom

1. Breast is best and there is never a reason to stop breastfeeding in order to sleep train your child.

When done with the right level of care and consideration sleep training should never affect your relationship with breastfeeding your child & there is never a reason to discontinue breastfeeding to improve your child’s sleep habits. 889 more words