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Free Preview of Episode Seven

Here we are, guys, at the thrilling conclusion of my serial novel Slash! Episode Seven: “Creative/Control” is out now for your ereading pleasure. Just , click the preceding link or the cover to the right to get yours now. 823 more words


A Shared Range

It’s a three day weekend, so I went back to the elibrary looking for a hit. The first book I downloaded was so very, very terrible that I remembered why I thought I could write things people might want to pay money for. 267 more words


Subtext and subversion: Part Two

Carrying on from the previous post, below is a detailed, episode-by-episode rundown (with pictures!) of Ragnar and Athelstan’s relationship.

I present this not as a “This is why my slash ship is canon” manifesto, but instead as an illustration of the relationship itself, so folks can understand why I’m so giddy about it. 4,792 more words


Back Slash Or Forward Slash?

CNBC is a market leader with regard to the reporting of business news. Kayla Tausche is one of CNBC’s on-air reporters. Multiple times in the last month, I have heard Kayla Tausche say cnbc.com back slash techcrowd when she gave the following website address: 583 more words

New Fics Home: Archive of our Own

Here’s my page at Archive of our Own(AO3):  Joy

My site is up, though I’m having issues with the slider code in the theme I’m using.  20 more words

Fan Fiction

Shousetsu Bang*Bang #50

Sorry this wasn’t out sooner, I had things to do, and then I had a shitty day, and then I had other things to do, so I didn’t get through the stories as fast as usual. 505 more words


Rock, EDM Stars Complain That Spotify and Headphones Are Ruining Their Music

You may think that since you can have unlimited access to music via subscription services and carry that music around everywhere with you, it’s possibly greatest time in history to be a fan of great music. 534 more words