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Only Slightly Crazy

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were just in left field?  Like the world existed on one plane and you were on some other cuckoo level?  592 more words



No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet!  I have been laid up for a couple of weeks with a bad back, enjoyed a raucous birthday weekend and suffered the post-celebration hangover(s) and am now jetting off to San Francisco on a last minute holiday.   76 more words

A picnic and a challenge

We’re almost halfway through the week, woo hoo!

Sunday was bright and sunny and on the schedule was the company picnic.    I really like lazy Sundays but I don’t get one for awhile beginning with this picnic.  573 more words


Please Summer, Don’t Go

I am fighting the end of summer in the worst way. I wait all year for it to get here –plan as much travel, camp, eating warm just picked tomatoes, not waking up before the sun, lazing around as I can fit into the months Carter is out of school. 533 more words

Diet- Comedy

Facing Fears-some old, some new

Saturday was a little rougher than I had hoped for.  I faced a long run I was afraid of as well as a fear I thought I was past. 1,261 more words


Oblique Strategies

I have in my possession a set of ‘Oblique Strategies’, a small black box containing a deck of cards with a sentence or phrase printed on each, intended to be used by artists to overcome creative blocks or dead ends in their work, by using lateral thinking. 229 more words

Shaking it Off

Yeah, I went there, sorry.  :)   I actually did not like this song the first time I heard it and now I think I’m obsessed.  I got through my last few runs with Theory of a Deadman and Rise Against and the last few days have been Taylor Swift on repeat.  575 more words