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Sketches and Stuff

I think I’m hitting a low point, and it’s been affecting my artwork.


Inked forest owl illustration

Excited about a couple new illustrations I’m working on. Including this Northern Hawk Owl I inked today. In a forest with fungi and a last minute Nuthatch addition.


Generating Ideas

So, in one of my classes this semester we are collaborating to create a short student film.  We are not sure what it is going to be about yet, but we have been brainstorming.   34 more words

Kaitlyn Fuchs

Sketches: Jack's tattoo

This is a sketch of Jack’s tattoo. It’s a fairly large one, takes up most of the space between his shoulder blades. Tripp designed and inked it, so it actually looks much better than this, cause, well, Tripp’s got that weird Sight thing going on. 76 more words