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Cheers to school!

T’was the night before school
when all through the town
the parents were cheering
a riotous sound!!

Their backpacks are stuffed
At the door with care… 63 more words


I'll take autism with that holiday please

It’s 5:24am and it’s Labor Day.

Washing machine going, dryer on.

It’s Monday, yup that’s a wash day….but it’s a holiday.

Scamper…scamper….pitter pat….pitter pat…buzz…buzz. “oops….that’s not right,” beep…beep…”oh no, that’s not right,” “I can try again,” beep….beep…. 622 more words


But wouldn't you rather have a baby?

“But wouldn’t you rather have a baby?”.

I took a deep breath. I was on the phone to one of three local primary schools, explaining that I was in the process of being approved to adopt, and asking if I could come in and visit so that I was well prepared when the time came to find a school place. 545 more words


Something Special For Me by Vera B. Williams

Vera. B Williams’, Something Special for Me, follows Rosa, once again as she narrates a series of situations in her life. Even as a child, I grinned when stories contained nods to a protagonist’s earlier titles and several details including the reappearance of the chair and coin jar from… 230 more words

Single Parent

Josephine by Patricia Hruby Powell and Christian Robinson

A free verse prose poem tells the life story of the first black American international musical superstar Josephine Baker, born out of wedlock and raised in part by a single mother. 375 more words


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Being MoDa

Umrah 101 Part 1

We went to perform our umrah last March 2014..It was the most Glorious and I was in a total awed and so much gratitude towards Allah during the visit..And yes, I still can’t believe it…Me and Budok have been there together..to be near to The Creator and mesmerized with the beauty of His House and the magnifying and glorious history of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w… 993 more words