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Honeymoon Destination

Less than 40 days until I arrive at my dream destination with my husband-to-be. The Maldives has been on my hit list for quite some time and we couldn’t resist when planning our honeymoon. 583 more words


i ate tiong bahru

i ate tiong bahru by Stephen Black, 2013

Published by Book Merah

First line: “Mr. Chew describes great food as being beautiful.”

Book Rx: For another slice of old Singapore. 843 more words


Singapore, the Fine City

Singapore is just a 4-hour bus ride away from KL, Malaysia. Or if you want to save time and travel there by plane, it is just 45 minutes away from the airport not including the 45-minute drive from KL to the airport.   250 more words


The Rich and Good Cake Shop: Durian Swiss Roll

Durian Swiss Roll anyone?

If you’re craving some fresh durian dessert during a durian drought (or happen to be in the Arab Street ‘hood), you can buy a nice durian swiss roll from the Rich and Good Cake Shop. 459 more words

Where To Buy

Gardens by the Bay.

I’ve recently been working at GBTB, as some of my friends know (which also explains the missing posts, because when I’m not working I’m either watching teen wolf or spending my last few weeks in Singapore with my family and friends). 335 more words

Potate, potate, potate

Hehe, it was a very good second week back in Singapore catching up with so many of my MG friends. Super comforted seeing all of them, and its made me realize that MG friends will forever be the ones that make me the happiest.  47 more words

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Birthday celebrations - Singapore style!

Our last day and a half spent in Singapore completely cemented our love for this amazing place and it’s people! Mostly the doing of our wonderful hosts, Huda and Mustafa and their two wee boys Abdula and Akeil (please forgive any misspellings). 1,058 more words