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Please Not.

I have always hated arguments and misunderstandings. I can’t stand being not in good terms with anyone, especially with my friends.  I do get mad and I also do get hurt, but I cannot bear the thought of someone getting mad at me or worse, someone disliking me. 382 more words

Just Saying

Interrupted Silence and the Queen Plays Dead

Anticipate her edge, while her grace sweeps you away.

Smile at her boldness, as you revel in her sincerity.

Take inspiration from her balance of experimental passion and personal discovery. 115 more words

Life Matters

In Its Wallet (Senryu)

in its wallet – /
the “sincerely held beliefs” /
of the corporation /

A second post written for Carpe Diem Tackle It Tuesday… 75 more words

Unmuzzled (Senryu)

unmuzzled –  /
my inner beasts are singing  /
unafraid //

Written for Carpe Diem Tackle It Tuesday, where “Sincerity” is our prompt. This is the fourth “Ity” on the 18 stepping stones of Sivananda’s… 145 more words

Standing by your word ...

I would like to believe that when someone initially makes a promise to do something, they have every intention of doing what they said. Of course, this assumes that the person making the promise has their heart and head in the right place to make such a commitment to someone. 264 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Women's Equality Day

Ladies and gentlemen, Today, August 26, is National Women’s Equality Day. It’s celebrated on this day to mark the passage of the 19th Ammendment, allowing all of us American women the right to vote for a bunch of politicians who more often than not still in 2014 do not have our best interests at heart. 660 more words

SPIRITUAL "Sclerosis"

Before going on in this POST, I thought it important to give you first, definitions of the word “Sclerosis” –then, explain how it fits in with our… 1,898 more words

God's Word