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10 Perks of missionary life in Guatemala

Try new things: amoebas, scabies and lice. I mean really, have you lived if you haven’t tried each of these at least once? Put it on your bucket list! 204 more words

Life In Guatemala

Snap it

Quietly I sit

Amidst a flurry,

A swirling cacophony

Of noise

And movement

People busy

Yet going nowhere


Without producing

I want to be a participator… 43 more words

The Simple Life

Ohmygoodness it’s day 3 and already I’ve nearly forgotten to make a post… I suppose the title ‘Queen of Procrastination’ is going to be harder to give up than I thought. 485 more words

Simple Things

After purchasing my new printer, it sat on the living room table for days until I finally gathered enough courage to set it up (let alone find a place for it to live—it’s a beast!). 227 more words


what a difference a week makes...

Happy Friday all! How the devil are you?

This time last week I was posting about how much of a funk I had been in and thinking that sometimes you just have to surrender yourself to these moods. 403 more words


Yay, my Nespresso coffee arrived...

Between road trips and whatever else that got me occupied, I kept forgetting to reorder these capsules. I finally remembered, and they arrived the other day. 92 more words


Did You Know You Can See Stars At Night?

While on a brief trip to the country, I really enjoyed several things that I had forgotten about.

I forgot about how quiet the country is, especially at night. 498 more words