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Lovely Labor Dayish


I got a surprise gladiola! Isn’t she beautiful? Good thing I don’t weed or else I would have lost the opportunity to enjoy this landlord’s leftover that just popped up outside my back door. 666 more words

Simple Living

What up with that: Country Living Edition...

So I have been living in the boonies 

for let’s say about…

2 months and some change?

Not sure.

I would have to count and I avoid math at all costs. 2,051 more words

Clothing Cull

The culling of the clothing. I decided to start with the easiest wardrobe first. I’d already discussed with Womble on his items in there that could go (jackets he won’t wear, shirts that don’t fit) so mostly it was just a matter of opening the door and getting into it. 308 more words

Hop's World

Anise Hyssop

I found this little seedling today in the garden that must have been a volunteer. The flowers have a wonderful licorice flavour but have very little aroma. 


Decluttering for the Terribly Brave: Let's Clean the Fridge

It’s lurking, right there in the kitchen. Every time you open the door, you cringe a little and then slam the door shut, pretending you don’t see the ancient condiments, the sticky shelves, and the food in cheap plastic containers that should have been thrown out right away but that voice in your head (she sounds suspiciously like Grandma) carped, … 558 more words

Have Less

Go Minimalist with Me, People

I’m a girl who is a sucker for a challenge. So when I saw The Minimalist Challenge over at And Then We Saved, I knew immediately that I wanted to try it. 651 more words