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Moth Eggs

I took this photo about three weeks ago and haven’t posted it in hopes that the eggs would hatch but nothing doing so far. These are an annual occurrence, usually on the asparagus ferns or the string supporting the cucumbers. 23 more words


Stepping off the Wheel

I was terrified. My stomach turned and knotted, I thought I would throw up. I had hated my job for months, I thought I was so sure about this decision, but I was starting to second guess myself. 378 more words

Life Choices

DIY fun

In an effort to save some money on some larger pieces of furniture Dawsey and I explored the idea of some DIY projects. By “Dawsey and I” I mean I found on Pinterest what I wanted and had him build it. 265 more words

Dear Diary

When I was 12 years old, my sister, Shirley, gave me my first diary.  It had a lock and key and I could write whatever I wanted in it and keep it safely locked away from my brother’s eyes.   111 more words


Just how expensive is baby food?

I’ll say at the beginning that the act of buying baby food bemuses me more than a little. But then again, I’ve grown up in a household where cooking all ones’ meals is completely normal, where we were given all foods as little people, and where my toddler now eats everything from broccoli to sauerkraut simply because she has been exposed to it. 549 more words


Nooo... Not My Tomatoes!

I made an appointment today to get my eyes checked.  It seems as though I failed to SEE all the missing leaves on my tomato plants and the culprits who were turning my raised bed garden into their all you can eat buffet!  56 more words

Simple Living