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My Little Baby's Growing Up

Today’s the day

You’re off to school

My time is mine, again


But bitter sweet

the day does feel

A fool, I guess I am… 155 more words

Surviving Motherhood

Doug don't do what other pugs do

It is a well known fact that pugs can’t swim

Doug jumped right on in

Pugs must never be taken out in a boat

Doug found it easy to stay afloat… 29 more words

A Shark with No Teeth

A shark with no teeth is hardly a shark
he’s a horse without horseshoes, a dog with no bark.
He’d let himself smile if only in dark, 326 more words

Children's Poetry


Im smaller than my little brother, bigger than my sis
Im always in the middle, but I’m pretty hard to miss.
I wear my brother’s baseball cap to add an inch or two… 185 more words

Children's Poetry

Poetry "Au Fait"

It is just about time

That we should bust a rhyme

A rhyme, do you say

I will: “take it away”

With just a line or two… 352 more words

Jen And Adam

The Stinkiest Stink


One day I smelled the stinkiest stink
coming from my bathroom sink
or was it coming from the halls…
the basement, bedroom, kitchen walls…?
I tossed my brother’s dirty socks,  76 more words

Children's Poetry

Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons by Amy Buswell and Bruce Lansky, illustrated by Stephen Carpenter

This book/workbook is chock full of helpful tips, advice, and plenty of already-laid-out-detailed reading lesson plans from a Reading Specialist who has successfully used her work in the field.   137 more words