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An example of faith from your forfather Abraham

What do you say when faced between a rock and a hard spot? Do you truly trust God to help you out of your situation? Here’s how you can really tell where you are placing your trust. 1,803 more words

Living The Word Of God


She is a feather floating through life,
And you, my darling, are a giant gust of wind.

The breeze is strong and noisy,
Rattling the windows of her mind while she tries to sleep. 378 more words

1/9/14 - I'm Sick as a Dog

Sick as a dog.
Poor dog.
Disgusting, lingering,
clenching, stringy
tendrils of prickly
slime that pours and holds
in my throat.

Poor dog,
is this how they feel? 44 more words

Drugs No Longer Working -SSR

Here’s the Article! 

    In this chilling article, we learn that nearly 50% of people around the world are now immune to common antibiotics that help treat life threatening and painful infections. 84 more words


Does Cancer ever Leave?

Nearly every end of my family tree is covered in a variety of cancer. My father and his cousin both lost their lives to Colon cancer while in their 30s. 266 more words



I sit outside
this September first,
dressed in blue workout pants
and velour jacket.

A glass cup rests
inches away from my feet.
Coca cola to settle my rolling stomach. 114 more words


I spill spearmint tea
on the blue pillowcase
covering a cart’s whitespace
by my bedside.

I am reminded
of an open window,
where crickets pass secrets… 93 more words