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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Dummies, a load of cold water over nothing?

As you’re reading this, it is certain that you’ve had to connect to the internet via one device or another and if so then I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen or heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been sweeping social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube.  606 more words




There is no first strike in karate.

If you are waiting to react second

It is weakness, not strength

And strength is not power, nor aggression. 26 more words


Seminar: Sean Roberts Saturday 9th August hosted by Ruach Shotokan Karate Club

After attending Sensei Matt Price’s seminar the other week, I managed to make it a double whammy by joining my own Ruach club in a visit to meet no other than Sean Roberts Sensei.   717 more words


The "Old Days" of Taekwondo

There have been many changes in the practice and teachings of Taekwondo since I first began studying in the early ’70’s. Many of these changes I find disturbing, yet at the same time, understand the cause and reasons for why they have occurred; thoughts that I tend to keep to myself. 538 more words


The REAL secret why the Japanese are so awesome at Karate: BE INSPIRED!

Want a bit of inspiration? Watch the following clip (HERE). If you want to know why the Japanese are so good at karate, take a look at Sensei Ryosuke Shimizu’s face at 2:01. 12 more words


The Vibrating Hip: Has Sensei Naka got it wrong?

I was recently drawn attention to a post of Sensei Naka Tatsuya teaching the vibrating hip as a means of power generation (Please see clip… 333 more words


Benefits of shotokan karate

Karate has many benefits ranging from the obvious such as  fitness and self defense to confidence and self esteem.  When running my karate clubs I often consider how each of my students benefits from the lesson , the results are vast.  293 more words