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Short Story Of The Month: Country Of Road -- Part 1

“And that’s the end of my story, my boy.” The old man coughed. He covered his scarred face with his wrinkled hands.

The teenager gazed out of the window of the bus. 440 more words

Short Stories

Hunger for Summer

Hunger NOW! I mean the anthology!

It’s here!! The anthology that my writer’s group, The Penheads, put together is finally published and available for Kindle. I’m so happy and excited about this because it’s been so long in the making. 421 more words

THE BETRAYAL[EPISODE 14, 15, 16, 17]

(episode 14)
……..As soon as Mike left the hostel, i felt
very empty and it looked as if i had lost
something precious, cos i really had gotten… 2,200 more words


Ang kwento ni Laway at Doro

Parehong mura sa idad ang mga magulang nang si Doro ay isilang.

Habang ang Ina ay nagsisikap sa pabrikang pinapasukan, ang Ama naman empleyado rin pero sumasaydlayn sa iligal na paraan… 620 more words


A Beaver Tale



   Joy (my digital music composition)

   Intelligent, ingenious, and industrious, families of Beavers and their resourceful creations of houses and dams have often appeared along the way in my life’s journey. 406 more words

Digital Music

Dear June,

I wrote a letter, hoping you’d read it someday. The words were simple, yet they sparked new meanings. All It took was a glance from you that reassured me that life was going to be spectacular. 13 more words



“It’s really quite simple, to be honest. The trick is to sedate the protestor before they have a chance to protest. It sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually just a matter of figuring out what one really wants, then supplying the need. 3,281 more words