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3 nouns. 3 verbs. 3 adjectives. GO!

Hello, dear followers, 

I’m putting together a bit of a short story project for my blog. I’d be much obliged if you could each give me 3 nouns, 3 verbs, and 3 adjectives. 31 more words

Rants And Other Things


Her legs hang over the edge of the seat, swinging along with the rickety, natural movement of the bus. There is barely an inch between her soles and the grimy, urbanite floor, but her feet don’t quite touch down. 222 more words

Creative Writing

WriteMeBack Request / Part 2 of 4 / Deborah Klaassen / Sebastian King

“Was it alive when you ate it?” she asks, as if it would make any difference to me if it were. I’d hate to disappoint Elisha, but if I’m honest I probably love satisfying the animalistic itch that we call ‘hunger’ more than I love her. 1,004 more words

Idol Hands

Ten Sentence Fiction: The Trial

One of the most wanted men in the world.  Wanted for war crimes and dealing in nuclear weapons, Victor Shultz, had finally been captured after a secret 4 year CIA operation.   142 more words


Just Good Friends - Jeffrey Archer

I was extremely depressed this evening & hence pulled out a Jeffrey Archer book which has a collection of short stories. I had finished almost half the book the last time I had opened it. 285 more words


The House on H Street

If your Kindle is hungry, or if you just need a little Back to School treat to read while waiting at the bus stop, or stuck in the insanely long school pick-up line, download… 24 more words

Short Stories

The Bar Stint Part II

Mhhhm… was all she sound could muster the next morning.

Meg peeped open a mascara-bleared eye and stretched her hand out for Panadol. She couldn’t find it. 492 more words

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