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#CDP Madness in Music-Unholy Shrine

Madness in music

is fleeting catharsis

for exiled souls

condemned to exist

in countries

where courts

act as unholy shrines

to oligarchy

#HeartSoup "Closed Eyes"

My closed eyes

in acuity

opened a vision

of continuity

with far more precision

into perpetuity


Monday morning wrapped

in a floor length blue sweater

minding the bruises

Elixir Poetry " A single star" prompt

Luminance of a single star

among those trillion

traveled the universe afar

to dive an eye pavilion

in a solitary

Earthbound innocent,


a nocturnal beach– 13 more words

Time For Change

When you knock at peoples door and they do not answer

It is time for change

When you smile at someone and they don’t respond… 217 more words


5 Life Haikus

Life is short indeed
To savor every moment
I will let it last

The small things matter
In life just as bigger things
Might matter far more… 41 more words

Current Poetry

Visibility [7/365]

Sometimes I can see the panic
as it rises in your veins, as each
quickening beat of your heart
pushes worry around your delicate frame.