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Stars for a day

It’s been months of planning, refining and rehearsing (pre-production), and a full day of shooting (production). But now what? The lights have been turned off, the cameras packed up, the rubbish put out and everyone has gone home, resuming their former pre-film lives.  375 more words

Shooting BD

Here’s the thing. I want to make a short film on bipolar disorder. But it’s not easy making a film. Especially one of good quality, script, and good everything else. 343 more words

Bipolar Disorder

2009: A Film of Simplicity and The Concern of Time


Week 2 of writing the ever so gentle 2009 short film on the pressing nature of our forward thinking minds in a very present life.  154 more words

M83 - My tears are becoming a sea [ambient pop]

Personally I never listened to M83 because of Midnight City, but I have recently got into them a little more. Makes you realize how different bands are vs. 54 more words


September 2

September 2, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Puppy Love Premieres in Theaters

“Just want to show you what I thought of you!”

On September 2, 1933, the Mickey Mouse short film… 294 more words

Editing Skills

Being an Editor on big budget movies is a big dream for me, but one problem I faced over the summer was that I had let my editing skills go a bit rusty, and so I decided to create this short film out of footage we had shot a few months ago for a little college project that we were assigned.  267 more words


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The heading of this blog post is not original. May Sarton, poet-journal writer-gender power-woman, used them years ago as the opening to Journal of a Solitude, … 212 more words

Digital Humanities