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Day Twenty-Eight: Shibuya

Written by: Luann

*Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s busiest railway stations! *This ward is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and is a major nightlife area.  155 more words

Day 1 - Shibuya Pt.1

So today is my first full day in Tokyo and considering I didn’t go to sleep until 5am I’m up quite early since I have to check out of the capsule hotel before 10am, which is fine since I’m eager to get out and see some of Tokyo’s city and people watch. 969 more words


Summer vacation in Japan (part 1)

Beautiful, modern, clean, and full of green spaces and friendly people, Japan surpassed all of my expectations. We only got a week off work for summer vacation, so we tried to fit as much sightseeing as our budget would allow, and Japan’s awesome transportation systems helped make it easy.   1,073 more words

Dumbwalking in Tokyo

Dumbwalking is what you do when you’re staring at a smartphone and end up falling over someone’s bag and knocking your teeth out. It’s also the number one threat to Japanese society as we know it! 174 more words


A Bustled Stroll in Shibuya

Aside from Hachiko’s statue (the historical loyal dog which Hollywood commercialized starring Richard Gere), Yoyogi park (where the hippies shine), and that ‘world’s busiest’ crossing…Shibuya is a juxtaposition of a buzzed and a calming stroll. 131 more words

Travel & Marvel


“We keep passing unseen through little moments of other people’s lives.”

Robert Pirsig


Teahouses and art galleries

One of our advisors for the project we are working on now in Tokyo forwarded us an invitation to check out an art opening in a recently finished building on the outskirts of Tokyo. 105 more words