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First Post, Fresh Paint

Me and my friend tried out Fresh Paint, an MS Paint version of Windows 8/8.1, We turned out like preschoolers laughing at our work, I even lost my first “painting” and repeated the whole thing again, my dear friend on the other hand, was chillin’ like hell and made a beautiful abstract. 35 more words



Today was just a blur. After staying up until 3am watching Hulu with Hub, I slept-in until 9. We finally got out the door around 11, got to my parents’ house around noon, picked-up Boo, & headed to see my in-laws. 471 more words

Daily Inspirations, I Say That Laughingly . . .

In Ireland! Day Ten, Guinness Edition

Arguably every day in Ireland could qualify as the Guinness edition (especially if you are a PIC named Randy or Drew) but today was the official unedited Guinness Storehouse tour (99), a fitting way to wrap up our time in my quarter homeland. 724 more words

In Ireland! Day Nine, Dublin Edition Part Three -- Game Day

96. The big day finally arrived. The start of Penn State’s 2014 football season and our match (not a game; we’re in Ireland now) against University of Central Florida, at Dublin’s Croke Park. 370 more words

New hutch

Never tell me I have free time to do what I want, I’ll only go and fill it with lots of fun, but exhausting, shenanigans!!! I’ll try do that even when I don’t technically have the time for it!! 591 more words