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I'm back...

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Partly because I’ve been busy…. but mostly because I’ve tried to train myself to not feel the way I do anymore. 284 more words


Sucker Punch to the Groin

Last week I discussed something a little less controversial to start us off. This week, I’m gonna dive right in and go for something much more controversial. 2,938 more words


A New Lesson on Masculinity

As readers and friends of mine know, sexuality and sexual expression have been complicated in my life by struggles with same-sex attraction, understanding my identity, and wrestling with cultural messages about masculinity. 869 more words


Pride Parade

Today was the Pride Parade in my city. It was only my second time going, so it’s still quite interesting to me. I can see it getting a bit boring if you watch it every year, but I think it’s an important event to support. 416 more words

Why We Buried Our Awesomeness, and How We Can Get It Back - Dara Hoffman-Fox

Why We Buried Our Awesomeness, and How We Can Get It Back – Dara Hoffman-Fox.

Constance…I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have made a new friend in Dara…I have admired her from afar for just about a year, and somehow knew that we would connect and work together?   82 more words

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