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To Fcuk Or Not To Fcuk, That Is The Question...

“For some people, deep love is an absolute prerequisite for sex. For some people, good sex is an absolute prerequisite for love. For some people, sex is sex, love is love, and never the two shall meet. 511 more words


Sep. 1, 2014 Untitled

I think about guys and I think about girls.

I could watch ‘em all day.

But sometimes it’s my own swagger that makes my temperature change… 63 more words

Shaina Ambroise

Another one, just for the heck of it; I love semicolons

I’m going to talk about myself, probably in run-on sentences, as if there were something to be learned from it. You are about to read a lot of “I”s. 913 more words

Penis Enlargement Cream – A Natural Way To Have A Larger Penis

The penis organ is a very complex system which is comprised of several arteries and veins and a tendon like structure working together to provide you with size that you have.  411 more words

Penis Enlargement Cream

The Hurt Black Guy on White Girls and the Black Girls & White Guys on Him

 To the tune/rap flow of Beyonce on Kanye West’s “Drunk In Love (Remix)”

“It’s harder when you’re white like”

I play onthe dyke psych, it what’s inside like… 168 more words



I am grotesquely turned on
By the way you comb your hair
Is it me? Is it me who counts in pairs

Infidelity, a long pause more measured… 15 more words


I Believe...

This post is based on a something John Dehlin did on what he still believes in the church. I’ll use it as a guide. If I agreed completely and couldn’t say it any better, I left it in his words, in italics. 2,464 more words