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Gender Fluidity

This has to be the coolest video regarding gender fluidity I’ve ever seen. In case you have no idea what gender fluidity is. It is a gender identity which fluctuates between different genders at different times, though not necessarily related to biological sex or sexuality.


I thought to keep this blog anonymous to say what I must, but...

…today I remember that I say what I must anyway. Initially, I thought to speak anonymously, unabashedly, about others, while I, of course, protected their identity. 394 more words



I SAT in a room surrounded by all my friends. My blood coursed hotly through my veins, my heart was filled with restlessness, and I found a difficulty in breathing. 553 more words



Velvet kisses down your spine

Halting breaths encourage me more

Your body quivers

As I glide to further explore

My hand in your hair

As my teeth take hold… 69 more words


On MRAs: Circumcision

This is part of a series of essays on Men’s Right’s Activists.

On the surface, the Men’s Rights Activism (MRA) movement seems full of rainbows and sunshine: They claim to advocate for granting men rights in areas in which they are discriminated. 718 more words


Seeking the Truth in Love - Michael Doe

When this book was written fourteen years ago, it had considerable influence, not least on a dyed-in-the-wool charismatic evangelical whom I know, who has changed his mind on this subject, not least because of Bishop Michael’s neutral, gentle and fair-minded treatment of different shades of opinion. 1,639 more words


Themes Upon Themes

I’ve been doing some pondering today, inspired by a couple of bloggers I’ve recently discovered. If you want to check them out, and I would recommend it, here are the links: 372 more words

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