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Pity Pity

There’s a HUGE lie going around that people don’t want to know about, don’t care about, or will argue against until they’re blue in the face. 1,490 more words

Happy Birthday No More Page 3 !

I wrote this blog a whole year ago, to celebrate the first birthday of the NoMorepage3 Campaign and the diversity of its supporters. Whilst I would rather there not be the need for a second birthday, this year there is even more to celebrate. 1,024 more words

No More Page 3

Struggling to crack athletics dress code

Full of admiration as I am for the achievements of British athletes at last week’s European Championships, one thing troubles me.

Is there something I’m not getting about aerodynamics and the female body? 82 more words


Day three

I eliminated my body. That sounds dark and creepy but what I mean is that I eliminated the opportunity to view myself as just a body. 204 more words


Day one: Kick off

It’s not the new year, it’s not the first day of school or a job, it’s not an important day at all. Yet today is the day I decide to start my diet. 351 more words


The Dress Code

Everyone who knows me knows I spent a hellish semester and a half trying to become a teacher before those dreams went crashing down in flames and tears, so I have some experience dealing with teenagers–even though if we’re being honest I have no clue whatsoever about how to really deal or empathize with them. 1,445 more words


The Object/Subject Dichotomy: Reversing the Double Standards set by Sexual Objectification

To start off, I would like to share with you the link to a video that I highly recommend you watch. Laci Green, a rather popular YouTube personality, discusses the sexual objectification of women and she covers basically all the same points that I will be making in this post! 1,158 more words