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Still single, that is. In my previous post I mentioned a guy who contacted me through Twitter. We had been going back and forth over text messages for some time now and despite him insisting I was labeling him as the usual horny man and he was not only in it for sex, he continued to bring sex up every single conversation. 326 more words

Safe Sex is Sexy!

Learn more about how HIV/AIDS affects African-American, Gay/Bisexual Men by CLICKING HERE!


Flashing Dick Go Wrong

Ah, to be a teen idol. So many people want to see your dick! And you probably want to show so many people your dick. Still, a bad way to go about this is sending Snapchats of your boner to random girls, a lesson learned by… 123 more words

Busy Pimp

It’s been a month and few weeks now that I’m jobless, my bank account is about to commit suicide and I am considering jumping down the bridge near my condo if things keep going this way.  260 more words


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m a whore forgive me!

So, I got a text from Joseph 2 nights ago and I couldn’t ignored it. 111 more words

The Latest

I’ve been away from the blog realm for about a month or so. My book is about to go to its 2nd phase of professional editing and then the goal is 25 more words