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5 Things Girls Do Before They Have Sex With You

I imagine that preparing for highly anticipated sex is a lot like planning a fancy dinner party. I don’t cook, so I may never test the validity of that hypothesis, but both involve a lot of painstaking planning, timing, and meticulous work. 937 more words

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Dating as a transgender guy is nothing to be afraid of

When it comes to dating I’m an expert in how not to do it so I’m not entirely sure if I should be allowed to be in charge of this blog. 491 more words

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Men are the romantics

You’d think the painters’ and poets’ movement gave it away.


Could it be that men are really the hopeless romantics? This may seem hard to believe, as you see magazine stands filled with bridal magazines and romantic movies and novels marketed to women.

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Bring salty, meaty deliciousness to the bedroom with bacon lube

If spicing up your sex life with whipped cream, cherries, and fruit-flavored lubricants wasn’t enough, have no fear.

Wet lubricants is now making a bacon-flavored lube designed to bring all the salty, meaty deliciousness of bacon to the bedroom, without any hot grease. 197 more words


Relationship Notes: The Value Of Other

If you as a person only see the value of self and neglect that of others you erase hope stored on your Heart drive. Its not all about you!

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Top 5 Female Fantasies #2. Female domination/Female worship

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of G.I. Joe. I watched the cartoon daily and had several toys that I played with all the time. 1,876 more words

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