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Pada saat apa dan bagaimana komunikasi Data DNS menggunakan TCP?d

 DNS (Domain Name System) adalah sistem penerjemahan “alamat nama” ke “alamat ip”atau sebaliknya. Data DNS yg akan dikirim ketika diproses di Layer Transport (L4 OSI Model) akan dibubuhi alamat port bernomor 53 dgn metode UDP (User Datagram Protocol) atau TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), dalam kegiatan transportasi data DNS pada umumnya menggunakan UDP. 182 more words

World Wide Web

New server 1.7.10 modded server

So, yesterday I was asked if I would be willing to be a head admin on a new server for a new mod pack, and of course I said yes. 31 more words


Bartenders vs. Servers


Who do you think really controls the service industry bartenders or servers? I, for one, am partial to bartenders as I worked more in a bar than restaurant ever. 41 more words


The woes of a modded server

So as you guys know, I am working on creating a mod pack. And I finally convinced the other admins on the server to swap from the CrackPack pack we were running to the latest stable release of my pack. 40 more words



I found some islands in a part of the map, small ones with nothing growing on them. So why not making small societies on them? I just made one “farm” style island. 103 more words

One More Block

Waiter vs. Kitchen Part I

Sometimes customers come in and seem so new to the dining out experience that you wanna ask them, ‘Are you okay? Have you done this before?’ 199 more words


イーセクター、IPS+WAF クラウド型サーバセキュリティ「攻撃遮断くん」提供開始 [ #cbajp ]

株式会社イーセクターは、このほど、株式会社アミティエとIPS+WAF クラウド型サーバセキュリティ「攻撃遮断くん」の代理店契約を締結、9月1日よりサービスの提供を開始いたします。昨今、大きな脅威となっている標的型攻撃の主目的は、情報システムの端末を不正プログラムに感染させることだけではなく、情報システムへの侵入による情報の窃取や破壊であり、攻撃する際の足がかりとして、まず取引先の中小企業が狙われるケースもあります。