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Title :A serious Marriage proposal .........

Well…….I am a very serious person that is what I declare but inside I am a child! I don’t interact much with people for I fear they may laugh at my childish views and comments for I don’t take life seriously but they do haaaaaaaaaa… 504 more words

Author Interview: Will Macmillan Jones

Hey Will! Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.

Before we start, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a fifty something lover pf blues rock and jazz, who has just extended his study bookcases to fill an entire wall. 677 more words


Perjalanan yang Mengubah Hidup

“Ke Filipina? Ngapain?”

Itu adalah pertanyaan yang selalu saya dapat dari mereka yang bertanya ke mana saya saat liburan Natal akhir tahun 2012 lalu. Pertanyaan ini akan selalu saya jawab dengan, “Mencari cinta.” 952 more words


Why so serious...

First post in over a year. Well that’s a fail… It has been quite a year to be honest.


I realise I start off in the title with a casual Joker reference which has a tendency to amuse people but the point is The Joker actually sums up what I want to talk about quite nicely (Forgetting, for a moment, all the homicidal, deranged chaos he creates) because this isn’t going to be a fun post- 893 more words

Here we go again.

I started after a break up. Yeah I know how pathetic right? You see it wasn’t the actual break up (maybe it was a little bit) the break up was basically just the shove off the edge of the cliff. 490 more words

Is Taiwan a State?






Doctors D-17

I. Am. Going. To. The. Doctors.

I am usually not scared of the doctors. Like I’m not even scared of shots.

But. This time. It’s not a routine check up. 282 more words

Diary Entry