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With Love From Asaba: Part 12

Nene went to bed very early that day, but sleep evaded her.  At about 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when the whole house was asleep, she went downstairs and searched for Monday’s paper.  1,264 more words


Light and Dark, God and Evil - Part 2

By Zach Van Houten

In Part 1 of this series I wrote about the parallels between how light interacts with darkness and how God interacts with evil.   777 more words


In Case You Missed It


I’m off to the beach early this morning (certainly by the time you’re reading this) and I’m probably a little overexcited. A weekend away with the girls is exactly what I’m in the mood for right now. 177 more words


Arrivals and Departures: A Glimpse

To say that Richard was completely shocked would be the understatement of the century. His legs felt like lead and he was rooted on the ground he was standing in. 7,471 more words


BMW E92 M3 On ADV10.1 M.V1 SuperLight Series Wheels by Auto Blog Via

There need to be some secret society behind these daring white lettering on tires we’ve been seeing lately! Either that or it just looks awesome. This BMW E92 M3 characteristics a set of aftermarket forged wheels from  ADV.one Wheels. 34 more words

Her Blessing Now Mine Part Three

     The room was clean, cold and everything was placed where it needed to be. But it was evident that nothing went the way it was suppose to go. 219 more words

Re-Animated (2006) | The 2000s Were Lame

(WARNING: Rant ahead.)

Re-Animated is a P.O.S. Plain and simple, absolute P.O.S.

Now. That’s going to be the first and last time I refer to this movie in that way, because I have no plans of turning this blog into a swear-fest. 1,595 more words