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The Bare Bum Challenge

Forget the “Ice Bucket Challenge” as it’s now time for the ultimate challenge of them all!!

The “Bare Bum Challenge” (otherwise known as the “stick your bum out of the window” challenge) has now been launched by Simon Shack to raise awareness about government false-flag events, such as 9/11, 7/7 etc.    143 more words

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Pentagon Madness

A big thank you to Dennis Cimino and Jim Fetzer for helping to solve the greater madness of the Pentagon “false flag” event, which has an official story even crazier than the “jet fuel did it” theory for the Twin Tower demolition.  416 more words

September Clues

You What?!!


9/11 truth has been forgot
The issue is no longer hot
Now I feel like I’ve been shot
Straight into a bloody honey pot… 65 more words

September Clues

My TV’s Got A Secret

My letter sent to prominent 9/11 Truthers:


Dear 9/11 Truthers,


As the anniversary date of 9/11 approaches, Channel 5 on U.K. TV is currently airing a documentary entitled “The Last Secrets of 9/11” –  following the work of a forensic team from New York City’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner – tasked with identifying the victims of September 11 attacks from human remains in the debris. 838 more words

September Clues


The monstrous dose of reality that would soon become known by the iconic shorthand “9/11” plunged America and its leadership into a collective worldview crisis… 803 more words


Oscar Pistorius trial: Judge Masipa sets verdict date for 11 September

Judge Masipa has today thanked Oscar Pistorius for a very productive media circus show trial, that was prolonged for many, many unnecessary “long and boring  months” purely to divert the world’s attention away from discovering the truth about the 9/11 false-flag event. 362 more words

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Today we have considerable understanding about what occurred on September 11, 2001, and why. We forget that at the time we all grappled in the dark for answers. 616 more words