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Bits Of Abraham Kuyper

Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), a Dutch theologian, statesman, journalist, and politician was prime minister of the Netherlands between 1901 and 1905.

In 1862, he became a Dutch Reformed Church minister. 386 more words


My Views on Religion

Being an open Marxist I am regularly asked what my stance is concerning religion. I am totally fine with religion…. so long as you keep it to yourself. 197 more words


The work of the social worker

So I was thinking a few minutes ago and I thought “Hello? Post that on your blog!”

So I have a question about ethics and how it plays a role in an area of life that is central to everyone. 416 more words

Social Control

Beliefs: Faith and Social

I’ve been thinking on this part of this ask for weeks now and the way my mind works this may or may not flow well. One thought led to another one and things expanded from there. 1,852 more words


Justice Joseph Story—On the Separation of Church and State

Foundations of the United States Constitution

In 1833, Joseph Story—selected for the Supreme Court by James Madison in 1811—publishes a three volume commentary on the United States Constitution. 2,872 more words

US Constitution

FFRF Continue To Expose Their Totalitarian Tendencies

So I just learned that the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a letter to the US Navy instructing them to remove the bibles placed by Gideon’s in their hotels. 1,053 more words

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