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Natural Sensuality

I am sitting across from her and my body is beginning to shake with my yearn to touch her. The softness of her skin, the subtle sensuality of her fingers, the way her eyes trail upward to meet mine, giving me a quizzical look as if to say, “I feel you staring at me.” I apologize for the intensity of my gaze but I am lost in her presence. 26 more words

Hide and Seek, The mask and The meek

She was mesmerized. The glow in her eyes were brighter than the cackle of a bird sanctuary. She loved how the drape made her look. The fall of the sleeve made her walk like a swan, graceful and serene. 395 more words


Need A Date?

Need a date? I am a trusted companion with your best interests in mind. I’m handsome, smart, and talented and I can be called upon on demand to meet your needs. 156 more words


Brave New World

It is a Brave New World, and I’m not talking about the one envisioned by Aldous Huxley. I’m talking about the one envisioned by Nancy Friday in her book “My Secret Garden.” in her Brave New World, women are empowered. 70 more words


along these lines of disbelief


along these lines of disbelief
I shall admit brief yearning to be
somewhere else not here…some other
time not now… for the momentary
suspend of my willing mind… 137 more words


The Office

Stream of thought…

It’s early, no one else is in yet. Dressed in a suit for a meeting later today, working on my report. I hear footsteps and then my office door closes. 725 more words

Eclectic Unconfined