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Squishing my insignificant voice...and invasive ants

Kirsti: Most of my life’s research has focussed on the dynamics of the yellow crazy ant on islands, and how they explode in numbers and ruin ecosystems. 380 more words


Congress Fails to Complete Work On K-12 Funding Before Summer Recess

The House of Representatives has failed to act on 7 of the 12 appropriation bills before leaving on a 6 week recess on August 1st. The Senate has passed eight bills out of  appropriations committee, but none have made it to a floor vote. 191 more words


"An Onion Of Crazy": Republicans Have A Joni Ernst Problem

Throughout the 2014 campaign season, the Iowa Senate seat held by retiring Democrat Tom Harkin has emerged as a surprisingly strong pickup opportunity for the Republican Party. 556 more words


Tell the Senate: Overturn Citizens United

Sign the petition:
“Corporations and the ultra-rich shouldn’t be allowed to buy our elected officials by spending unlimited amounts of money influencing elections. Pass Senate Joint Resolution 19, which would amend the Constitution and overturn… 544 more words

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Will his birther issue derail Ted Cruz’s presidential dream?

Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth continues to dog the darling of Republican conservatives even as the Texas senator rides his growing political momentum toward a possible run for the presidency. 623 more words


U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's PAC contributions listed in second in LouisianaVoice series on candidates for US Senate, House

As we move toward the Nov. 4 election, we felt it important that our readers should know just who is backing each candidate. Because we have long been opposed to the dominance of big money in the electoral process, particularly on behalf of the best politicians money can buy, we decided to basically ignore the individual contributions in favor of shining the bright disinfecting light of sunshine on Political Action Committee (PAC) money. 7,345 more words

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Being a Christian & Politics!

 I have NO doubt that this might aggravate some of my ‘friends’ or others that know me but if I keep holding it in it will AGRIVATE ME! 442 more words