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Art of the Selfie

1. Find your light, face it. (Never below you)
2. Straight on vs. above angle,
(Never from below(
3. Don’t smile too big try practicing in the mirror. 19 more words



GIRLS… the selfies issue is going toooo far. If you’re at a party, talk, socialize, eat or whatever but don’t spend half an hour taking a 100 pictures. 40 more words


New Fall Shows To Get Excited For

by: Lynda Green

Summer’s over, which is sad. But it’s time to turn our thoughts to new TV, which is less sad! New fall shows have all the usual suspects–cop dramas, lawyer shows, rom-com-like sitcoms. 368 more words


‘No, I Don’t Like to be Tickled' and Other Things I've Had to Say on OkCupid

I didn’t actually say that. I just ignored the message from the “cool, funny and fun to hang with” 42-year old who asked if I was “into any aspect of tickling” in his first message to me on OkCupid. 680 more words

This Is You

Visit Burger King and become a King or more likely a Burger King for a day! It can happen to you. Don’t laugh! This is YOU after your next visit to BK. 18 more words

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