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Second Best.

When it comes to friendships, I take a very laid back approach. I’m not that friend that calls you just because I’m in the car and want to talk. 762 more words


this is my first post. i created this blog so that i’d have a place where i can talk about my mental health, ramble as much as i want, when i’m too exhausted or ashamed to talk to anyone face to face. 121 more words



So this whole blog lately has been about the drama going on with me and my ex boyfriend. I apologize if it’s not something anyone wants to be reading about but this place really is just a way to vent. 293 more words

1 month

if my math is correct, and my diary, it is 1 month since I last self harmed.

Go me.



Were filled with hopelessness and despair. An dissociative episode probably triggered it. Thinking were already dead and living some awfull memory. Someone is s**c*dal now, strongly. 49 more words


Asking For Help

My last post was really long and i didn’t want to drag it on by adding this:

If you are depressed, suicidal, or just need someone to talk to below is a list of crisis hotlines that are anonamous and free. 623 more words

Me Daily

Coping Mechanism

To cope with the countless things that go wrong in my life, I have to haveĀ a coping mechanism, to make sure I don’t just give up and hide under my duvet for the rest of my teenage years, only deciding to leave when I need another bowl of Lucky Charms to feed on. 620 more words