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Brackish Water

Until I moved to Virginia, the term “brackish water” wasn’t a part of my vocabulary. I had visited oceans with crashing waves and salt-laden shores. I had spent time splashing in the fresh water Great Lakes and watching barges push along the muddy Mississippi. 892 more words


Embracing the waves

Normally, I try to do things to my hair to force it to look like something it’s not. Like straightening or even curling it more than what it actually looks like. 207 more words

Pieces of me

I don’t know when pieces of me started breaking off or chipping away. I’d like to think that it was at least small unnoticeable pieces at first. 111 more words


on magic and prayer

I’m a high school teacher, and school starts again in two days. I’ve come in to school to do a little last minute prep, the sun is setting fast, and there isn’t a living soul in the whole building except for the security guard at the main gate and the resident cat. 614 more words



What do i have?


What do i want?



you want someone that is kind, loving and considerate

so you can’t complain that they are so free spirited that they’re not an ambitious, cut-throat corporate climbers… 219 more words


Meditation. My thoughts.

It’s like house keeping. Best done daily so things don’t get too messy.

I start by following my breath. Closing my eyes to focus more on the internal environment. 259 more words


Running, Running.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with running for as long as I can remember. Because I danced six times a week for most of my life, which I suppose some would say is comparable to HIIT (periods of intense training intermingled with short periods of rest or slow down), I was never used to exerting consistent energy for more than five or so minutes at a time. 383 more words