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It's growing like a banshee, and it may kill you

Disclaimer #1 – I am unaware nor have I researched how quickly banshees grow, but I bet it’s freaking fast.

Disclaimer #2 – Maybe your mom can help. 308 more words


The Four Types of Girl Feuds.

Can two people get along after prior feuds?  Absolutely.  There is so much cattiness that goes on between girls.  In between the ages of…… 3 and 100. 466 more words


Where are you now?

Technology.  What a beautiful thing.  Or is it?  I have grown up in the era of extreme technology growth.  Cellphones going from the size of a brick to smaller than a bar of soap.   418 more words


Living the Lotus Life.

The lotus blossom is a flower that is symbolic in many cultures.  The flower symbolizes beauty in the ugly, purity and rebirth.  It is beautiful and full of bright, vibrant colors.  386 more words


The Dream Fulfilling Road Trip.

We live in a world where people seem to think of society solely as a whole.  What about the individuals? What ever happened to being your own person or doing what makes you happy.   603 more words


The Face of Depression

Our world lost a great actor today, but I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about the struggle he faced with an often times silent, and many times deadly, disease. 411 more words